What we are doing in Term 3

In term 3 we are making masks. This project relates to LA English and Performing Arts because we are learning about warfare around the world. We make masks for Visual Arts, perform for Perfaming Arts and make poems for LA English. Masks are things that you wear on your face or your head. It was first made in 700bc made out of stones and holes for the eyes and mouth. There are many different types of masks, ranging from performance to military.You can use makss for many things such as perfomring and concealment.

Type of Mask I Like:

Plain White Masks

I like them because it uses the expression of the face to tell the emotion of the mask. Unlike other masks where they are more colorful, plain masks looks more scary and haunted because it has no colors to express the emotion. To me I think that it looks cool because it is like the dead. The dead to me are people without any life and they are plain. Just really plain. Unfortunately I wont be able to make a plain mask because for the project, I have to make a mask that shows some kind of emotion from experiences in conflicts or warfare such as a venetian mask or masquerade mask. I think that there are others that I can do as well.


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