Sea Creature Sculpture

In Arts, we have now started making our sea creature sculpture. I chose to do a Ragged-To0thed shark and I tried to make it life size, about 2 meters. Fortunately Mr Pat advised not to make it so big because I am now making a 1 meter long shark and having big troubles making it. I chose to do a shark for my sculpture because I thought that doing a shark was cool and also giving myself a challenge. I’ve seen the other sculptures at school and they’re big, but the big ones were made in a group so I thought that I could do something as big and also by myself.

The Ragged-Toothed shark can grow up to 4.25 meters long and they travel in schools. The sharks are a sluggish sort of sharks and like to rest in the day and they can sometimes be found at the bottom of the sea bed.



  • Coke Bottle wrapped in Newspaper


  • 2 milk bottles (the bid bottles) connected together with tape and newspaper
  • Put another milk bottle at the end and make it slightly curved.


  • 1 coke bottle wrapped in newspaper to make the bottler half the size longer
  • Another coke bottle wrapped in newspaper but keep it the same size as original coke bottle size
  • Stick then to the end of the shark with masking tape


  • Cardboard wrapped in  newspaper and stuck to the sides and top of the shark
  • Wrap more newspaper until it looks good.

Paper-Mache :

  • Wrap the shark armature with newspaper balls
  • Wrap another layer of newspaper around the balls to make the shark look smooth
  • Do the same with the head
  • Add the fins to the right place
  • Start paper-mache-ing!



My 1st Armature but I decided to make it smaller like the picture at the bottom because it looked too big and also I wouldn’t really finish it on time.


Me with my shark. I put scrunches of newspaper on the shark armature so that it looks smooth and round because it looked rectangular. Then I wrapped it with newspaper again.

armature of shark


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