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One Point Perspective Name

I made my one point perspective name for my D/W and it looks like a tunnel. I put a dot just above the center of my paper and then I drew soft lines from each corner of the paper to the dot. I then drew 1cm grids from the left side of the page, then from right side of the page.

Then I wrote:

M on one side and MY on the other side.

A RULZ                    WAY


For the road I drew 4 equal sized grids and in the middle grid I added another 2inch column. In that I made the road line. I used acrylic paint to paint my name. Black for my name so that it stands out and Gray for the walls because it’s the color of the concrete. I used a different texture of Gray for the road so that it doesn’t look the same as the walls. Yellow for the ceiling because it is the light in a tunnel.

This is my picture:

My One Point Perspective Name

I think that I could have done a better job if I had taken more care with my painting because my name doesn’t look that great. The letters should be more straight and I should have planned more about the colors because it was a last minute decision. The ceiling was supposed to be light bulbs but in the end I got lazy and painted the whole thing Yellow. If I was grading my picture, I would give myself maybe a 7 because it looks good but it could be neater.