What we are doing in Term 3

In term 3 we are making masks. This project relates to LA English and Performing Arts because we are learning about warfare around the world. We make masks for Visual Arts, perform for Perfaming Arts and make poems for LA English. Masks are things that you wear on your face or your head. It was first made in 700bc made out of stones and holes for the eyes and mouth. There are many different types of masks, ranging from performance to military.You can use makss for many things such as perfomring and concealment.

Type of Mask I Like:

Plain White Masks

I like them because it uses the expression of the face to tell the emotion of the mask. Unlike other masks where they are more colorful, plain masks looks more scary and haunted because it has no colors to express the emotion. To me I think that it looks cool because it is like the dead. The dead to me are people without any life and they are plain. Just really plain. Unfortunately I wont be able to make a plain mask because for the project, I have to make a mask that shows some kind of emotion from experiences in conflicts or warfare such as a venetian mask or masquerade mask. I think that there are others that I can do as well.



I went home and I found out that I didn’t have any glue, so what I did is made glue out of flour and water. So here is the procedure.


  • Any kind of flour
  • Water
  • A bowl
  • Fork
  • Whisk
  • Your hand


  1. Put flour into a bowl, filled half full, or half empty, however you look at it
  2. Add some water, but don’t make it full to the top
  3. Use your hand to mix the water and the flour
  4. Depending on the consistency, you might have to add more water or flour into the bowl
  5. The glue should be as thick as yogurt
  6. Use the fork to get any air bubbles or separate any clumps of flour from each other
  7. Use the whisk to make the glue smooth and easy to use
  8. What are you waiting for? Get started!


The glue is biodegradable, so don’t be surprised if there are insects or ants around your glue or sculpture! The glue can be kept for no more than 3 days in the fridge and it can’t be left out in the heat for more than 24 hours or else it will really stink!

Shark Attack!


I encountered many problems on the way. My shark started to be in the wrong shape, so it needs to shape up! My armature was fine but when it came to covering the armature with newspaper, it went totally wrong. I had put too much scrunched up paper near the tail, so it wasn’t looking good. I made the shark have a bump on its head and it wasn’t really looking like a shark at all. I asked other people and Mr. Pat and they all said “What is that?” and so I let them guessed and they said “A Crocodile?” or “An Alligator?”. So I wasn’t very happy with my work. My tail was looking bad because it wasn’t covered up and it is still in  a bottled shape. I still need to do my fins. My other problem is…TIME!!!!  I’m running out of TIME!

This is me tackling with the shark. It was a very difficult job. In the end, I think that I will be able to tame the shark, making it look good and all.


I plan to cure my injuries by making my fins and make the tail the right shape by using a future board. After I got the shape of the fins on the future boar, I then cut them out and cover them in paper. When they are thick enough, I will stick them onto the shark with masking tape. I will also put more layers of paper on my shark’s head so that it won’t look like an alligator or a crocodile. I used strings to make my shark thinner because it was looking out of shape (it looked like hammed shark then then!). After that, all I need to do is put more layers until it the shark shapes up. By then I’ll  hopefully be ready to paint. I really must hurry but I still want to do a good job because I want to prove to Mr. Pat that he was wrong about me not finishing the shark!

Sea Creature Sculpture

In Arts, we have now started making our sea creature sculpture. I chose to do a Ragged-To0thed shark and I tried to make it life size, about 2 meters. Fortunately Mr Pat advised not to make it so big because I am now making a 1 meter long shark and having big troubles making it. I chose to do a shark for my sculpture because I thought that doing a shark was cool and also giving myself a challenge. I’ve seen the other sculptures at school and they’re big, but the big ones were made in a group so I thought that I could do something as big and also by myself.

The Ragged-Toothed shark can grow up to 4.25 meters long and they travel in schools. The sharks are a sluggish sort of sharks and like to rest in the day and they can sometimes be found at the bottom of the sea bed.



  • Coke Bottle wrapped in Newspaper


  • 2 milk bottles (the bid bottles) connected together with tape and newspaper
  • Put another milk bottle at the end and make it slightly curved.


  • 1 coke bottle wrapped in newspaper to make the bottler half the size longer
  • Another coke bottle wrapped in newspaper but keep it the same size as original coke bottle size
  • Stick then to the end of the shark with masking tape


  • Cardboard wrapped in  newspaper and stuck to the sides and top of the shark
  • Wrap more newspaper until it looks good.

Paper-Mache :

  • Wrap the shark armature with newspaper balls
  • Wrap another layer of newspaper around the balls to make the shark look smooth
  • Do the same with the head
  • Add the fins to the right place
  • Start paper-mache-ing!



My 1st Armature but I decided to make it smaller like the picture at the bottom because it looked too big and also I wouldn’t really finish it on time.


Me with my shark. I put scrunches of newspaper on the shark armature so that it looks smooth and round because it looked rectangular. Then I wrapped it with newspaper again.

armature of shark

One Point Perspective Name

I made my one point perspective name for my D/W and it looks like a tunnel. I put a dot just above the center of my paper and then I drew soft lines from each corner of the paper to the dot. I then drew 1cm grids from the left side of the page, then from right side of the page.

Then I wrote:

M on one side and MY on the other side.

A RULZ                    WAY


For the road I drew 4 equal sized grids and in the middle grid I added another 2inch column. In that I made the road line. I used acrylic paint to paint my name. Black for my name so that it stands out and Gray for the walls because it’s the color of the concrete. I used a different texture of Gray for the road so that it doesn’t look the same as the walls. Yellow for the ceiling because it is the light in a tunnel.

This is my picture:

My One Point Perspective Name

I think that I could have done a better job if I had taken more care with my painting because my name doesn’t look that great. The letters should be more straight and I should have planned more about the colors because it was a last minute decision. The ceiling was supposed to be light bulbs but in the end I got lazy and painted the whole thing Yellow. If I was grading my picture, I would give myself maybe a 7 because it looks good but it could be neater.

Hello world!

Hi, I’m Matt and this is my arts blog. I will put any art work that I have finished at school.